About Us

SLPT Innovative Pump Technology
SLPT Global Pump Group has manufactured pumps as a full service Tier One/Two supplier for 40 years, with long standing customer relationships, low-cost, global manufacturing facilities and a highly experienced work force.

SLPT Global Pump Group’s vision is clear – through a defined product and services focus, long term investment strategy and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, SLPT Global Pump Group will be a globally recognized leader in the supply of pump systems.

This will be achieved through:
• Technological leadership
• Unparalleled engineering support
• Operational excellence
• Leveraging a highly-skilled, engaged team operating in an environment where members are valued and empowered

These attributes, combined with world class engineering, production facilities and managerial systems, enables SLPT Pump to provide our customers with advanced pump systems incorporating a wide range of mechanical and electronic technologies. In our industry we know our customers face numerous challenges and we understand that our future success is dependent upon helping them compete in a difficult global market place.
At SLPT our philosophy is simple – Provide our customers what they want, when they want it.